My passion for the beauty industry began before I could tie my own shoes. As a little girl I was always fascinated while watching my mother getting ready in the mirror for work. Precisely applying her lipstick and eyeliner, swirling mousse into her palm before combining it through her hair.

After high school, I would have loved to attend beauty school, but life had other plans. I became a mother at a young age and had bills to pay. Soon I was married with children and a household to run. Certainly no time for silly makeup nonsense. So, I settled into my life working an administrative 9-5.

New Beginnings

Fast forward 10 years. Faced with divorce, I decided to not only to reinvent myself and take on the role of a single woman raising 3 children, but decided to set out on the path that I had always felt I belonged. And yes, at 31 years old I enrolled in beauty college!!

Beauty by Tiffany Taylor was founded in 2017 after graduating beauty college as Master Esthetician (professional skincare expert/therapist). Through my passion for skincare and traditional makeup, I was introduced to semi-permanent makeup (tattooing). After becoming fully licensed and insured, I completed a 6 month/480 hour apprenticeship and practiced diligently until I earned the proper certification and the right to call myself a professional cosmetic tattoo artist. I have since tattooed over 150 satisfied clients. The drive to be my personal best and passion that I have for this industry continue to grow with each passing day.