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Welcome to Beauty By Tiffany Taylor

As a mother and business woman, I understand the struggle to find balance between work, play and simply finding “me time.”
Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

Let me help you take back that 20+ minutes you spend in the mirror each morning. Instead, enjoy a coffee. Roll out that yoga mat. Or, even sleep in!

Regardless of personal circumstance, my mission is to empower any woman that walks in my door. Young ladies and mature women alike should leave feeling confident, sexy and ready to seize yet another day!

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Brow Mapping

The first and by far the most important step of any brow service is brow mapping. Line it, mark it, shape it. See what a well-shaped brow can do for your face! My signature three-step technique gives you the ideal eyebrow shape for your face, taking each of your key features into account so you get the right brow for your bone structure.


Pigment / Color

Tattoo ink is used for traditional tattooing while in my practice I use a specialized pigment made specifically for permanent makeup. Ink differs greatly from pigment in the way it fades over time. As tattoo ink fades it often develops a blue-green colored tint, especially around the edges of the tattoo. This is from metals in ink that cannot be metabolized by the body. I use only top of the line pigments that are non-metallic and cycle off through natural cell turnover. Pigment is specifically designed to fade into a lighter version of the color used so the client retains a natural appearance until it has completely faded.



(aka Powder Brow) implants pigment over the entire surface of the skin in the brow area, rather than in individual hair strokes. The healed result is soft and powdery, and can range from being “barely-there” to bold and defined depending on the client’s wishes. Microshading is quickly becoming the more popular choice in semi-permanent cosmetics as it is great for all skin types and ages while lasting  up to 3 years.

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What Clients Say About Tiffany Taylor

Cassie D
Tiffany does a FANTASTIC job! This has been my first microblading experience and I couldnt be happier! My brows look so natural and perfect that I can’t stop staring at them! It’s amazing to not have to do my brows when I get ready. I definitely recommend Tiffany!! Tahnee S
Tiffany powdered my brows and did an amazing job! During the procedure she made sure I was comfortable, and at one point she made me laugh so hard we had to stop. She is extremely talented, very professional and I flew in from New Orleans Louisiana to have her do my brows. Go to her. She’s amazing and you won’t be disappointed. Hailee H
Tiffany is amazing! I waited so long to get it done because I couldn’t find anyone whose work I was in love with until a friend recommended Tiffany! I drove 2 hours to see her and it was more than worth it, she’s amazing and super great personality, I felt like I was in good hands the entire time. I’m beyond happy with my experience and my new brows! Read More